ponytails + horseshoes is a world class provider of hair and body services in which clients can always come to escape the stresses of life and rejuvenate their energy.




poho services

Experience a friendly, kind environment where you can relax and be rejuvenated and leave feeling truly gorgeous.


poho team

The PoHo family is very much that, a family. Most of us have been working together for 15+ years and have been lucky to have new members join the tribe who are equally passionate about our values: making people feel and look beautiful, constant education and impeccable customer service. 

poho products

We believe in using sustainable, cruelty-free, luxurious products. Our stylists will prescribe what your hair needs while being kind to the environment.


Booking a wedding?

Read our checklist to ensure you're prepped and ready for the big day.



A good haircut, style or colour are simple solutions for any individual's desire to look and feel amazing, regardless of age. 

As professional hairstylists, we continue to learn and gain inspiration from each others' travels, experiences and continued education, remaining on trend and on point, ready to inspire you within your individual style.


ponytails + horseshoes proudly uses

eco-friendly initiatives in our salon.