P + H Wedding Checklist


wedding prep 

We recommend that you book in for a trial with your stylist and makeup artist 1-4 weeks prior to the wedding, allowing you to communicate and plan your desired look before the big day.

At that time, please bring any hair accessories or extensions that you plan on using for the wedding. It’s also a good idea to bring photos of your dress and a few potential hairstyles.

Any hair cutting or colouring should be done 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding.


The day before

Take some deep breaths, be excited!

Shampoo and blowdry your hair with minimal product. No flat ironing as this can affect how your hair will hold the curl the following day.


the big day

Today is the day! We can’t wait to see you glow!

Those booked for updo or intricate downstyle must arrive with clean hair. If getting makeup, please arrive with clean and moisturized skin

Wear a zip up sweater or shirt that does not go over your head.

Please arrive for your appointment on time. If any member of the party is late, the lost time will compromise the quality of the bridal parties completed look.

If you haven’t met your stylist yet, be sure to bring pictures to aid in communicating the look you want. Remember, time will be of the essence.
To ensure your service go smoothly, please share all of this information with your bridal party.

Thank you for sharing your special day with us!