Our Talented Team




Barb has been part of the industry since 1997. She loves being able to express her creativity through styling, and is greatly influenced by street looks. Barb is grateful to be part of such an inspiring team!


Morgan is one of the original PoHo cast members. Morgan loves being creative on a daily basis and is constantly inspired by the world around him.



Brent has been working in high end salons since 1993. He is responsible for training several of Edmonton's prominent stylists, as well as owning and operating a prominent salon.


Tommy has been in the industry since 2011. He has worked in high end salons and a barbershop specializing in men's taper cuts and fades. He is Sassoon trained hair cutter and has a passion for editorial styling. He is inspired by runway, architecture and art to help give each of his clients a personalized look.


Melissa has been working in the hair industry since the age of 16. Starting at the front end and moving her way to a stylist position in 2007. Her passion is customizing colours, cuts and styles for every special client that sits in her chair. She is truly blessed to be working with such a talented team!


Alysha joined the PoHo family after leaving a high end salon in Winnipeg. She loves making people laugh and feel beautiful. Alysha loves doing colours and is ecstatic about taking on any hair challenge. Alysha's inspiration comes from nature and as well as the runway. She is excited to grow with such a talented team!


Elizabeth has an innate ability to connect with clients, helping her to intuitively form any stylistic vision. She entered into the industry in 2002, and is a proud original cast member of Ponytails + Horseshoes. Elizabeth is a prominent figure as a stylist in Edmonton, but also a known arts supporter and advocate. She has a vested interest in furthering her own education as a stylist as well as helping to plan and organize similar events at P+H.


Kiran Hawn has been practicing professionally as a hair designer for almost 10 years. Her greatest desire is to build relationships with her guests from the ground up! Within the frame work of ten years she has taken the opportunity to work with long standing clients & award winning industry leaders. She has obtained a strong understanding of products and methods which have diversified her skill set. Having recently joined Ponytails + Horseshoes Kiran is very keen on gaining insight from this unique team and furthering her hair design knowledge. It is of the utmost importance that her expertise is passed on to her patrons.


Kelli has been in the industry since 2007 and feels that she is incredibly blessed that she found her passion at such a young age. She considers her expertise in special occasion styling, all aspects of curly hair and is a certified extensionist but loves to conquer any challenge you can give her. Her goals are to make every guest in her chair leave feeling the very best and most beautiful they possibly can. She began educating for Kevin.Murphy in March of 2013 and loves sharing her knowledge and passion for hair.

Amy D

Amy started in the industry early, taking the Cosmetology course in High School, and graduating from Marvel College in 1997. She has had an amazing career, and has worked with a multitude of talented stylists and mentors. Amy is very passionate about the industry, and is always looking for new and exciting inspirations by attending various educational events all over North America, in particular Neuma and Kevin.Murphy.
She loves travelling, dining, and spending time with her 2 lovely daughters. 


Katharine has been in the industry since 2005. She lived in Montreal and was extremely inspired by the culture there. She has had the privilege of being trained by Aveda and Saco. Katharine is excited to be a part of PoHo.


Cristina has been a stylist since 1999. She is highly inspired by european runway and street looks. Her goal everyday is to create styles that fit the individuals personality and life style. Her other passions are fashion, her family and good food!


Amy has been a stylist in Edmonton since 1997. She has the great fortune of spending her days doing what she loves most, with the greatest group of people she knows. She is currently a Diamond.KEY educator for Kevin.Murphy, where she takes great pleasure in sharing her love of hair.

New Talent


Sheneen has a passion for hair and the beauty industry. She has been with the P+H family since 2014. Sheneen believes in continual education, is full of product knowledge, and will also guarantee one of the best stress-relieving scalp massages. All your worries will go down the drain!


Shanda joined the PoHo team in 2013. She is an aspiring colourist and loves creating movement in the hair with the use of colour, from rich darkness to playful lightness she loves it all. Shanda also enjoys exploring new places, a good documentary and lots of laughter. She is grateful to be able to work with an amazing group of people that she calls family everyday.



Frankie joined the PoHo family in 2015 from beautiful British Columbia. She loves to travel and be inspired by the amazing people and places along the way. If she's not in the salon, chances are she is at choir rehearsal or forcing her friends to watch superhero movies. She believes hair should be fun and that a good blowout can make any day sparkle. She can't wait to continue to grow and learn with this amazing team!


Nicki’s passion for hair started early in life, and has quickly become a full-blown obsession. She started with Ponytails+Horseshoes in July 2016, and has since made PoHo her home. She found her love for Avant Garde hair while competing in Las Vegas for TLC’s Global Beauty Masters, as a Student representing Canada in the international competition. Whether it’s behind the chair or behind the scenes, this young stylist is not afraid to think outside the box when designing a look to reflect and represent her clients.

Make Up Artist / Salon Coordinator


Jane has been at Ponytails + Horseshoes since day one. She is the salon co-ordinator and make-up artist. Jane also is a freelance educator for the cosmetic line Bodyography. She loves lipstick, working on photo shoots and making people feel amazing.



Miranda is a new member here at the salon but she has quickly come to love the PoHo family. While her journey here continues, her admiration and appreciation for the talent inside the salon grows with every passing minute. She feels truly grateful to be surrounded by so many caring, kind-hearted people. And as you walk through the POHO family doors a warm and welcoming smile will be there to greet you before your stylist takes care of your hair needs!



Hannah is proud to call Ponytails + Horseshoes her first endeavour into the weird and wonderful world of the hair industry. She couldn’t have asked for a better team to help her navigate the ins and outs of working the front desk of a bustling high demand salon – the knowledge and support of her co-workers have been paramount to her growth and comfort. Her POHO family journey has just begun and she can’t wait to see where it takes her next!